"It should be visceral and exciting. It should be a dramatic experience. It should be thrilling."*

Delayed Gratification #2

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THE ARAB SPRING The key events from a quarter of unrest. // RETURN TO TUCSON How the shootings have changed the city. // THE MARCH FOR THE ALTERNATIVE Philip Pullman on the mass protests. // KEYS AND GRAY The making of the perfect tabloid storm. // THE EARTHQUAKES The view from Christchurch and Tokyo three months on.

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Delayed Gratification is a quarterly publication from The Slow Journalism Company. Each issue distils three months of the UK’s political, cultural, scientific and sporting life into a witty magazine of record. A combination of almanac, essays and reportage, Delayed Gratification operates on the principles of Slow Journalism.


Rouleur #19

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The nineteenth issue of Rouleur, published in July of 2010, includes 148 pages with an exclusive look at some of the best racing photography ever taken in Britain; an interview with living legend Bernard Hinault; the second part of our series on the life of a young aspiring rider - as well as images from world-renowned photographer Nadav Kander. The photography in this issue was taken by Gerard Brown, Taz Darling, Ben Ingham and Nadav Kander.

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Rouleur is a bi-monthly cycling magazine. It brings together leading cycling writers and photographers to convey the essence and imagery of road racing.
Rouleur features photography and serious writing that celebrate the passion and beauty of the sport. In three years it has built a passionate and valuable readership among the most influential bike riders in the world.

Regular contributors to Rouleur include: Graeme Fife, Geoff Waugh, Johnny Green, Timm Koelln, Gerard Brown, Matt Seaton, William Fotheringham, Herbie Sykes, Jack Thurston, Julian Bray, Ben Ingham, Camille McMillan, Magnum Images and Offside. It is edited by Guy Andrews.

Rouleur is aimed at those people who, like us, are passionate about the sport, but don’t expect to see bike tests and race reports. Instead, the magazine focuses on exquisite photography and writing that really gets under the skin of the great riders and theatres of road racing.

Rouleur puts a premium on design; we print on heavy art-stock paper and we use the highest quality reproduction and printers.


COG #08

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ALEX SINGER CYCLES Alex Singer Cycles Levallois Perret, France by Elvire Toulorge photographs by Nicolas Joly. // L’EROICA 2008 by Eric Von Munz Photographs by Peter DiAntoni. What began as a bet combined with a dare twelve years ago… // RW24 V.2 by Jeremy Prach Photographs by Peter DiAntoni. Riverwest is a neighborhood in the center of Milwaukee which I believe to be one of the last true neighborhoods left. // COG POLO INVITE by Captain Jake Newborn MKE Bike Polo - Hero Squad. The state of the game of hard court bike polo. // SIX DAYS & SIX NIGHTS by Gary Graham Photographs by Maria Laub. The idea of a Six-Day race originated in England in 1878.

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We love bikes…obsess about them. One gear, fixed wheel, low-maintenance, highly-dependable bikes specifically. Bikes that are works of art, and at the same time, highly utilitarian transportation.

Cities are great places to ride bicycles. Winding through crosstown traffic on a busy afternoon can be an adventure! Not to mention the hassle-free rock star parking! COG is a visual journal captured from behind the bars of city bikers and messengers around the world. My bike has changed my life, enhanced it exponentially. And I know from meeting people in different towns and through websites like flickr and the many bike forums that there are lots of others with a similar geekdom toward their bikes.

Our staff and international contributors have ridden for years and logged thousands of miles through city traffic all around the world. We don’t plan on stopping anytime soon…hard charging, ducking and weaving, fast forward. One cog, one mind.  –Peter DiAntoni, Editor - COG Magazine


The Red Bulletin #15

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HARD & FAST: Who’s won what where, and how / KIT BAG: If you want to get ahead, get a helmet / SHAUN WHITE: The red-maned Californian who graces our first launch cover is a snowboard and skateboarding sensation, as well as the face of a new video game / SEBASTIEN LOEB: Rally champion Sébastien Loeb tries his hand at Formula One, and realises that nothing, truly, prepares you for a Formula One race car / STREIF LIFE: Mapping out the world’s most treacherous downhill ski race and catching up with the most unlikely conqueror of the Hahnenkamm mountain’s surprise drops and icy turns – Britain’s Konrad Bartelski / HANGAR-7 INTERVIEW: Dinner for two with David Coulthard.

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The Red Bulletin will be published on
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“BASE jumpers and neurologists, hip-hop artists and top chefs, classic planes and triathletes, visual artists and Formula One drivers: the world of Red Bull is shaped by creativity and adventure, by courage and a lust for life, and is populated with an inimitable group of heroes. The mission of this magazine, is to feature stories about this world and its inhabitants, their ideas and their projects.
The idea for The Red Bulletin was conceived at 2.30 in the morning in a mountain hut in the Austrian Alps near Salzburg. It attempts to convey that spark of excitement that rushes through the unique people who manage to transform their crazy ideas into reality, thanks to the energy in their bodies and minds.
Viewed another way, this magazine is part of our logical development to become a content provider, thus enabling us to find a way to really tell the world about the incredible stories we create. These stories must be told by the best writers and best photographers, explored in real depth, with our obsessive attention to detail, but all with a wink of the eye.
The Red Bulletin considers itself to be a global monthly publication, adapted to reflect different local cultures. The magazine first appeared in Austria, Red Bull’s home, at the end of 2007. The positive reaction to the concept left us with no other option but to expand internationally. The UK is our second country. More will follow.
The Red Bulletin will be published on the first Tuesday of each month, and will be distributed with The Independent, a newspaper that shares our vision, and which we are proud to have as a partner.”

- Dietrich Mateschitz