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RITZ #18

Posted: November 5th, 2008 | Author: dk | Filed under: Customer Magazine | 13 Comments »

“Winner of “Best use of Typography” and Finalist of “Best designed customer magazine of the year” at the prestigious annual Magazine Design Awards. RITZ magazine carries news and in-depth features on a variety of contemporary topics. Interviews with the world’s most dynamic people ranging from business barons to media celebrities, award-winning chefs to international tycoons.”

How to get it
To view the current issue of RITZ magazine, please use the link on the bottom to download your personal copy - please be informed that this PDF version of the magazine is a high quality document enabling you to  see the magazine as intended. (by modem it may take 10mins to download, by ADSL 3-5mins).
RITZ magazine would be delighted to receive your comments and suggestions  regarding the magazine.

If you are interested in advertising, please contact either: Alisa Stamenkovic, Senior Sales Executive on 0207 399 9582 or email: alisa@fms.co.uk Debra Davies, Advertising Manager on 0207 399 9584 or email: debra@fms.co.uk