"It should be visceral and exciting. It should be a dramatic experience. It should be thrilling."*

Paradis #5

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Jürgen Teller, Mario Sorrenti, Sarah Lucas und Julian Simmons, Terry Richardson, David Hockney, SANAA und Kenneth Anger. 

5, rue d’Aboukir
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Paradis is a magazine for the contemporary man.
The contemporary man requires an international mix of thought, beauty, culture, sex, politics, style, technology and money. And in today’s world of throwaway gossip about throwaway celebrities, we’ re so often left wanting a little substance.
Paradis offers the contemporary man a wealth of information, entertainment, history and fantasy. Created by the world’s most astute writers and refined image-makers, Paradis is the magazine that’s designed to last more than the obligatory fifteen minutes.

The cheap, frivolous hit is, sadly, everywhere. Through its lengthy articles and elegant portfolios showcasing the best in erotica, art and photography. Paradis is about the value of timeless luxery.
In a world that’s lost ist mind, contemporary men opt for Paradis.
Paradis is a twice-yearly magazine published in seperate french and english editions.


10magazine #30 / spring 2009

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SUN // FUN // 90s // FROX // PLASTIC // CLAW

10 Magazine
ZAC Publishing Limited
3 Lower John Street
London W1F 9DX

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Since the inception of 10 Magazine in 2001, I have strived to create an unashamedly inspirational, luxury fashion and beauty magazine. 10 Magazine offers an unrivalled environment for the fashion industry’s most creative and respected photographers and stylists to exist and provides them with a platform in which they can truly indulge and evolve their ideas. The writers contributing to 10 Magazine are a veritable “who’s who” from within the fashion press, and range from global broadsheet newspaper writers to bestselling authors.10 Magazine is now also a globally successful magazine, following the launch of 10 Russia. The clamour for all things luxurious and beautiful is at its height in Russia, and so the magazine was an instant success.
My aim from the outset was to create a quarterly magazine that showcased the spring, summer, autumn and winter trends within an unparalleled environment, always striving to be unique. And now, the summer and winter issues also capture the key trends in the evergrowing cruise and pre-collection fashions.
In a market oversaturated with celebrity obsession, I have always maintained a focus on fashion that is shot beautifully and supplemented with exclusive interviews, groundbreaking editorial features and powerful, opinionated journalism. This has resulted in 10 Magazine becoming the most renowned voice in the world of fashion and luxury.10 Magazine is an independent, free-thinking and credible luxury fashion magazine among a plethora of formulaic, celebrity-obsessed publications. It has therefore become the most revered title in the directional market-place today and will remain at the forefront of the fashion world for many years to come. - Sophia Neophitou-Apostolou (Editor-In-Chief)