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Creative Review #May Issue/The Annual

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The double, May issue of CR features nearly 100 pages of the finest work of the past year in The Annual, plus features on design for the London Olympics, advertising and YouTube, the amazing rollercoaster ride of Attik and, we hope, lots of other interesting thing too…

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For 27 years, Creative Review has been presenting readers with the cream of commercial creativity. With coverage spanning commercials, pop promos, graphic design, new media, film, photography, and typography.


TANK #7 Maximum India

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I’M A BELIEVER-Shruti Ravindran on the foreign cults gaining popularity in India // PULP!-Kai Friese on Crime& Detective, India’s best-loved sex-crime magazine // BACK TO THE FUTURE-Alexander Keefe on Indian art and architecture, past and present // A COPS AND BULL STORY-Duncan Campbell on bullfighting and politics in Armerica // KOLLYWOOD BABYLON-Arul Mani on Kollywood - the down-and-dirty Hollywood of Chennai // GO FORTH, MULTIPLY AND BUILD-Beatrice Galilee on Serie Architects’ work in China and India // BLINDED BY SCIENCE-Peter Lyle on the illusion of salvation through technology // ON THE ROAD-Bose Krishnamachari presents art by Atul Dodiya, Attachments, Shilpa Gupta and Riyas Komu // FASHION STORY: SALLY SINGER-By Masoud Golsorkhi // INDIA CALLING-Photography by Cameron Smith, Styling by Pandora Lennard // MASHA’S WORLD-Photography by Julia Kennedy, Styling by Pandora Lennard // HOLI PIGMENT-Photography by Tony Kim, Beauty by Georgina Graham // GIRL ON THE GO-Photography by Studio 88, Styling by Chole Kerman // THE BEAUTIFUL AND DAMNED-Photography by Jamie Isaia, Styling by Chole Kerman // BLACK AS THE SUN-Photography by Tarun Khiwal, Styling by Chole Kerman

Publishing House
Tank Publications 

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London W1W 8EA, UK
+44 (0)20 7323 3475

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Ian Thorley


Established in 1998, Tank, as the name suggests, is a think tank as well as a creative business and publishing company. Thinking&doing.


De:Bug #132

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POP 2009: Junior Boys, Depeche Mode, Phoenix - 3DESIGN: Front, 3D-Displays, Sagmeister Inc, David OReilly, Processing - HOUSE GANGSTER: DJ Sneak - NEUE SOUNDS: Moderat, Prefuse 73, The Field - LABEL: Morrmusic, Permanent Vacation, Aus Music - NETBOOKS: Arbeitstiere & Designstückchen - WAHLJAHR: Parteien im Netz - MUSIKTECHNIK: Acidlab Miami, microKORG XL, Future Retro ORB

DE:BUG Verlags GmbH
Schwedter Strasse 9a,
10119 Berlin

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Mari Lippok
Fon: +49(0)30.2838 4457
Andreas Ernst
Fon: +49(0)30.2838 8892






Mode Depesche #8/2008

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Mode Depesche


How to get it
Mode Depesche is now available in Europe, the USA and Japan
Please feel free to contact us for a retail outlet near you: info@modedepesche.de  

Mode Depesche communicates fashion. It uses a language that is articulate, reflective and ironic, combined with top-notch illustration and photographic contributions that are poetic, clever, humorous and imaginative to do justice to the many-facetted fashion cosmos. Although Mode Depesche defines itself as a fashion-philosophical publication, readers require no previous or specialized knowledge to comprehend or be stimulated by its contents. Needless to say, the editorial focus goes way beyond declaring red to be the new black or celebrating the comeback of the miniskirt. Fashion has more to say and its function is far more profound than that.

Mode Depesche turns its back on the banality of the fashion magazine canon, instead exploring questions of identity, personality and society as reflected in fashion, initiating a dialogue with aficionados of a clearly defined, strong and independent fashion expression. We have created our fashion fanzine as the ideal platform for this endeavor: here we allow ourselves the freedom to ignore purely commercial considerations and to approach fashion as an affaire of the heart.

A main theme is chosen for each edition; a leitmotif that informs and inspires all its contents. Articles and photographic essays, drawings and interviews each illuminate what is inevitably a complex subject from a slightly different angle and in a uniquely individual voice. The result is prism as opposed to pigeonhole. Mode Depesche is not averse to fashion forecasting either, tracking the current shows and presentations to let readers know what is “coming soon”; it also features the new silhouettes of designers with an especially expressive, exciting fashion voice.

Mode Depesche owes the wide range of vantage points, insight, and inventiveness found in its pages to contributors from across a broad spectrum of disciplines - often well beyond the confines of the fashion sector. Mode Depesche is pleased to invite a discerning public to join us in taking a refined, eclectic, witty and loving look at our object of fascination: fashion.


coupe #20 / The 10 Year Anniversary Issue

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This is a quietly beautiful issue. Titled “In Canada . . . . . . . A Poem” it consists of a single poem running through and repeating within while breaking down and altering amid the dense yet stark imageryof a particuler forest.




















icon #71

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“This month, we reveal the icon 20/20: 20 designers and 20 architects making the future and transforming the way we work. // From recent graduates to a billionaire industrialist, including teachers, funders, researchers and aid workers, it’s an unmissable guide to the thinkers and actors you need to know about. // And you’re on the list - yes, you.”

Media 10 Limited
National House
121-123 High Street
CM16 4BD

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“Icon is one of the world’s finest architecture and design magazines.
Every month we interview the most exciting architects and designers in the world, visit the best new buildings, analyse the most interesting new cultural movements and technologies, and review an eclectic range of exhibitions, books, products and films.

Beautifully presented and accessible, rigorous and insightful, icon shows you exactly what’s happening in architecture and design today, and what it means for the future.
Since our first issue in 2003 we’ve won a dozen awards, including magazine of the year (twice), best architectural journalist and best critic at the International Building Press awards, and best designed business-to-business magazine and best use of typography at the Magazine Design Awards.” - icon 


VisualLeader 2009

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14. MÄRZ – 26. APRIL 2009 // VisualLeader 2009 die Ausstellung zu den LeadAwards // Zum sechsten Mal werden im Haus der Photographie der Hamburger Deichtorhallen die Nominierten und Gewinner der LeadAwards vorgestellt: Fotoserien, Zeitschriften-Beiträge, Anzeigen und WebSites sind zu sehen – das Beste, was im Jahr 2008 in deutschen Magazinen und Internetseiten erschienen ist.

A5 #6:Sex

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A5 is a quarterly Magazine of Creation // It contains an Exhibition of Works from various fields of Art & Design: Text, Illustration, Photography, Comics, etc. // All Works, each in its way, deal with one Theme. 



How to get it
A5 Magazine is printed and distributed in limited Edition. To order the magazine via Pay-Pal, please e-mail.









”A5 is a magazine of works made by creators from Israel and abroad, who answer our call to share their works according to the chosen theme.
We invite you to participate in the exhibition as creators, observers or both.” - A5 Magazine










FILE Magazine #1

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Content Issue #1: OVER TWO HOURS OF SHORT FILMS, MUSIC VIDEOS AND INTERVIEWS ON DVD, PLUS A 56 PAGE NEWSPAPER AND AN EXCLUSIVE LIMITED PRINT BY GEOFF McFETRIDGE // September // The Archive // Hearts Revolution // Rainbow Arabia // Thunderheist // Mississippi Witch // Lost & Found: Jim Lee // Planetarium of the Soul // Efterklang // Support // Cinematic Orchestra // Larytta // Dead Soul Brothers Of Montreal // Autokratz // Roots Manuva // Eugene McGuinness // Beck // El Guincho // Soft Gun Lilly pt.1 // Limited print by: Geoff McFetridge.

Editorial Enquiries
Fabio (at) file-magazine.com
Thorbjorn (at) file-magazine.com

Ad (at) file-magazine.com

Subscribe (at) file-magazine.com

Submit (at) file-magazine.com





FILE a magazine focusing on graphic design, art and visual communication. a magazine to watch & read. with its accompanying dvd, featuring over two hours of short films, music videos and interviews, and a commissioned limited print for each issue - file is a survey of the current visual culture.


car #05/2009

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NEW VW GOLF GTI. We’re first with full test of Mk6 GTI // EXCLUSIVE 1: we drive new BMW X1, X5M and X6M // EXCLUSIVE 2: Porsche’s Panamera in the studio and across the Cape // EXCLUSIVE 3: Merc SL65 Black vs Porsche GT2 // EXCLUSIVE 4: new Ford Focus concept in detail // EXCLUSIVE 5: one to one with F1’s Fernando Alonso // Full F1 preview – rules, regs, cars, KERS explained / The new BMW design boss takes on Stephen Bayley / Merc’s new E-class vs Audi A6 and BMW 5-series / What the hell are Aston up to with Lagonda? / Driven: Jag XF Diesel S, XKR, Audi S5 cab, Lambo LP560-4 Spyder, Saab 9-3X, Viper GT3 racer / GBU is back! Our famously acerbic data section / Insider: will GM sink or swim? / Life with our 14 long-termers / Plus the CAR critics: Gavin Green, Stephen Bayley, Mark Walton, Nick Trott and more… 

CAR Magazine
Bauer Automotive
Media House

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Car manufacturers/lifestyle premium brand advertisers, please contact our key account directors Kirsty Fitton or Mathew Vernon or key account manager Leanne Brett. 


“CAR Magazine is published on one of the last Wednesdays each month, by Bauer Automotive. CAR originally launched in 1962 as Small Car and Mini Owner, swiftly expanding its focus and simply becoming CAR.
The magazine has a history of innovation. We invented the group test, pioneered the drive story and coined the phrase ’supercar’ – and all three remain staples of CAR. The magazine is also renowned for its photography, writing and design: in 2007, CAR won two top design awards and one of our writers recently won the UK’s Journalist of the Year gong from the Guild of Motoring Writers.








And CAR is global. As well as CAR Online  and the UK magazine, we have 14 foreign editions: Brazil, China, Greece, India, Italy, Mexico, Middle East, New Zealand, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, Turkey and Ukraine. Through all its media, CAR interacts with more than 650,000 consumers each month.








For the definitive view on all things automotive, get CAR.” - car