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The Ride #2

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As for issue two; having created something we are so proud of it seems a shame to stop at one, especially as we know we have barely touched the tip of the ice-berg when it comes to stories to be told. Just let us catch our breath before we start again.-The Ride


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Born, as all good things are, out of a conversation over Mexican food and Pacifico beers, The Ride is an all encompassing read. We know that most people who share our obsession with bikes don’t want to be pigeon-holed as roadies, freeriders, track racers, BMXers, XC riders or even commuters. They are just riders. So we wanted to create something for them, and also for us. Something that crosses both cycling and international borders.
The idea was to create a journal of personal stories. Bikes have changed people’s lives in so many ways and we wanted to gather a small selection of these tales. We didn’t want to give reviews or race reports, we wanted to get under the skin and expose the passion that flows through riders veins.
Once the seed was sown we spread the word to people from all across the globe. Initially we wondered if it was just us who wanted to see such a journal; evidently we were wrong. From all kinds of riders we began to get favourable responses. People asking why this hasn’t been done before and how they could join us? A snowball effect took place and what was planned to be 80 pages soon grew into the beautiful monster sized journal we have finally ended up with (148 pages with only 7 of them used for advertising; loads less than a regular mag).
As well as the incredible writing we also wanted the magazine to be equally strong visually. Artists, illustrators, photographers were all approached and they have helped give The Ride the stunning visual style it has.
We are not in this to make money, just to give something back to the world of cycling. And to help give back a little more we’re donating profits from the journal to a variety of charities.-The Ride


The Open Face Sandwich #1

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The OPEN FACE SANDWICH is a journal of uncommon prose. This volume presents the latest from Deb Olin Unferth. It provides vital hilarity from the most cynical second-grader we’ve ever known. It offers cutting new work from 80-year-old former member of The Living Theater, and of the Paul Bowles expat circle, Mel Clay. Within it, award-winning poet Ariana Reines dips prose in tears and cummy vomit. It reproduces novel excerpts stolen from reclusive expatriate Hortense Caruthers. And it serves you several very lovely literary debuts (Uppsala, Amsterdam, New York, Atlanta.) All this notwithstanding delicious full-color fold-outs of animals brutally murdered by automobiles and photographed.

The Open Face Sandwich
Box 5597
Atlanta, Georgia, 31107

192 pages
Color photographs
Embossed cover
Short stories
Found fiction
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The Open Face Sandwich is a cunning and ribald assault upon the bedrock of modern civilization. We are also a non-profit literary anual published by Fifth Planet Press in Atlanta, Georgia and fiscally sponsored by Eyedrum Art and Music Gallery, also of Atlanta, Georgia.


meatpaper #7 – The Pig Issue

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INSIDE: How a county fair sow is like Miss America, pig lit, chefs’ pig tattoos, a fake bacon taste test, and much more.

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Meatpaper is a print magazine of art and ideas about meat. We like metaphors more than marinating tips. We are your journal of meat culture.

At once divisive and universal, delicious and disturbing, funny and dead-serious, meat polarizes us unlike any other food; it’s the Hillary Clinton of the freezer aisle.
Us, we’re ambidextrous here at Meatpaper — no agenda except to gnaw on the ideas, artistic excursions and bone-deep emotions the subject inspires. We invite you to dig in with us.
 - meatpaper